I don’t want to be a once upon a time

Many years ago
I experienced the freedom of my existence
I have given you so much since I existed
Water to drink
Air to breathe
Life to live
Nature to think
Land to till
Even jobs to fend

But now, I seem to be going into extinction like a story of the past
Just because of your human activities
Dropping plastics that will never decay and causing a break in chain in what I was created to produce, OXYGEN

I wasn’t created to be harmful
You made me that way
Now you bask and complain in the lashes of my hot radiance forgetting that you initiated it
You have choked me with waste
You’ve filled my air with smoke
I wish I could be self repairing because
I hate to see you die at the feet of the harm created

Don’t you want to admit
That I am falling apart already
Or would you close your eyes still to the fact that I was created for you to care for me
Would you block your ears from the sounds of me fading away
Or would you shy away from the truth that you are gradually killing the soil made for you to walk on
How long will it take you to recognise that I have rights, too?
To live without pollution and to be protected

I am here today yearning for your love
I am here today crying for your care
I am dying gradually
I Am the environment
And I am scared of being a once upon a time story to be told to your children

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