Programs and Projects


Climate Change in Classrooms is our Climate Education focused program aimed at raising a new generation of environmental leaders in schools through classroom learnings and after school activities. 

With a well-tailored Lesson Plan and activities, we seek to help children transform “sustainability” from an abstract word into an actionable word. 



The Big Audacious Goal to plant 50,000 trees in Nigeria 

before 2048. We have currently planted 300+.


About the company


Climate Awareness March is a yearly Climate sensitization walk, where Eco Champions gather with other Environmental Organizations to walk the streets of Nigeria, one community at a time. The awareness March aims to sensitize people about climate change and the need for urgent actions. The goal is to change the mind of the people, and our elected leaders to act now to address the Climate Crisis the World is currently facing.


First of its kind in Nigeria, the CELF is a unique 2-Months immersive programme for Climate Change Education Leaders in Africa. Combining knowledge, expertise and mentorship, the program is dedicated to raising the next generation of informed, knowledgeable and prepared Climate Leaders. EcoChampions aims to empower and raise 5,000 climate leaders across Africa by 2030 to develop and implement climate action initiatives. The  workshops, mentorship, and live sessions for CELF  have been designed to help participants develop the knowledge, skills and networks they need to become the next Climate Education Champion and create change in their local communities.